Electrical troubleshooting is sensible and standard process of determining the root cause of an electrical problem. An electrician knows how to perform certain methods to ensure the safety, however, anyone can learn the basics. It is important to know the basic electrical troubleshooting methods. Think about the safety first before starting the troubleshoot. Always check the wire before touching it because a live wire can harm you. To avoid electrocution, you need to be careful and you should also wear rubber-soled boots before performing the check. There are mainly 3 steps for troubleshooting; recognizing the electrical problem, localizing it, as well as repairing it. All these steps cover all electrical issues. One can easily diagnose electricity the issue if he or she knows the basics of electrical connections.

Many times trees can interfere with power lines in your yard or your commercial property, and this can create major problems with your electrical system. So if you had tree limbs leaning against your power lines, or even worse a falling tree at has landed and damaged your power lines, chances are it will impact your electrical system.  when this happens it is always best to hire a professional tree company to take care of the situation and remove the trees better near your power lines. This is very, very dangerous work and should only be attempted by professionals. Heavy tree removal is a dangerous task anytime you try it, and when you add in the danger and hazards of power lines the risk is exponentially more dangerous.

Identify the Problem

First, you need to identify the problem. For instance, if electricity is not working, you need to know whether it is not working in a particular area or in whole space. If the electrical outage is widespread, then it is the obligation of the power company. You can determine this by looking at the neighborhood. If the problem is not widespread or if it is related to any particular room or space, then the problem is from the circuit breaker. Check whether the circuit breaker is tripped, if yes then it must be replaced or repaired. Do not do it on your own, if you are not a certified electrician. However, it is a good idea to understand how the circuit works so that you can help yourself and others in critical circumstances. In fact, this post is only for enlightening an individual so that he or she can troubleshoot in difficult circumstances.

Localize the Issue

Look for Schematic drawings; these drawings are always available for all electrical devices, vehicles, and building. There drawings are mostly used by safety agencies, and one should never modify them. However, schematic drawings are necessary in localizing the issue. So you need to know about the drawings so that you can help an electrician in a difficult period of time. The electrician will look into the drawing and figure out the structure to determine where the problem is and how this particular circuit works. After this, he will localize the issue that is resulting in the electricity problem.

This is a good example of the danger of power lines:

Repairing Electrical Problem

Again, it should only be done by a professional electrician, because it is a lethal process for a person who is not acquainted with electrical issues. Just keep in mind that there are three main steps and understand the basics of electricity so that you can troubleshoot the problem, but never try to repair it. Always contact an electrician.

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