There are many ways to personalize and decorate stationery, and most of the methods are fun to do. Beginning with craft paper or card stock, you can use simple craft supplies like glitter, stickers, scrapbook, markers, metal pens, and rubber stamps to decorate stationery for special events. Use scalloped scissors and decorative hole punches to create shaped patterns and edges to decorate stationery. You can likewise use foam tape to make multi-dimensional (2D-3D) designs.

Simple Methods

Tie raffia through glue bows or punched holes crafted out from raffia onto a card. Use elegant handwriting or calligraphy to enhance stationery. You can even utilize a sewing machine to sew a fringe around envelopes or stationery. Numerous techniques for designing cards, envelopes, and paper using markers, scissors, and stamps are simple to the point that even kids can decorate the stationery. You can use different stencils which are easy to use, to personalize and decorate the stationery.

Leaves and Flowers

Use dried leaves, ferns, or flowers that you can find around your home to create decorative stationery with an elegant nature theme. One can choose flat face flowers like violas, pansies, petunias, and daisies to decorate stationery items as these flowers are great choices in a nature theme. If not leaves, you can use paper to complement the flowers. Take a small paint brush and apply a thin layer of glue to attach leaves or flowers to the envelope or paper. Toothpicks and tweezers are really helpful when working on such projects. There are so many household items that can be used to make projects like this unique and fun!


Let’s talk about the stamping now; different rubber stamps are available in sets or individually in an assortment of themes and designs, from cartoon characters to elegant flowers. Stamping is simple; using color inks and including different artistic methods. Relief printing is likewise a method to stamping.

To include an exceptionally uncommon touch, use Quilling, formally called paper filigree, to decorate and personalize stationery. Quilling is a craft that requires time; creating 3D designs by rolling narrow strips of paper, and doing many other things. Tatting, a type of lace making, can likewise be used to decorate stationery. For a vintage look, you can use parchment and wrapping paper. The bottom line is that you need to think out of the box in order to personalize stationery. Anyone can decorate stationery, but personalizing it means giving it a unique touch. So, thinking out of the box works great in this scenario; cut out a newspaper or magazine images to decorate a border or corner of your stationery. Think about different ideas and experiment to get the best results.