Stump RemovalA stump is the lowest part of the tree attached to its root. This is usually left behind after a tree has been removed or has fallen down. While some property owners don’t mind having stumps in their garden, there are many more who believe that it is best to have them removed. If you have several tree stumps left in your backyard, you might be thinking whether it’s time to get rid of them. If so, you’re about to make a very good decision.

You see stumps can be pretty too. They can be decorated with other plants and may serve as an accent in the middle of your garden. Some even transform these stumps into a seating area. There are also stumps from larger trees that are turned into tables. However, stumps need work if you want them to be useful. If you don’t really have any use for them, best to have them removed instead.

Here are 5 reasons why you need to get stump removal service.

1. Prevent accidents by removing stumps.

One of the primary reasons stumps must be removed is because they can be accident hazards. For instance, if you’re walking on your yard and fail to see a stump hidden beneath the grass, this may cause you to trip. If your kids are playing in your garden, one of them may fall down just because of a stump.

2. Stumps may be infested by insects.

Termites, ants and other pests may start making these stumps their home. When pests start infesting a part of your garden, there’s a huge chance they’d be spreading all over your yard before you know it.

3. Stumps may cause new plants to sprout.

Especially if you removed a tree from your yard simply because you’re using the space for something else in the first place, then it wouldn’t be good if another tree grows into its spot. There are some stumps that can cause new trees to grow around it and you would have to remove them all over again.

4. It is easier to clean your garden without a stump in the way.

Having to maneuver your lawn mower around tree stumps left behind is just too much hassle. Plus you’d have to manually cut the grass that grows around those tree stumps too. If you’d like to clean and maintain your garden easily, just get rid of the stump.

5. Stumps take up space.

If a stump is still on the ground, then grass won’t grow on it. You can’t use that space for new plants and flowers too. It would be an obstacle should you choose to build a new structure on that area.

Stump removals are best done by professional tree contractors. They have the necessary knowledge and equipment to get the job done properly, safely and in a timely manner.

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