Carpet adds to the aesthetics of a house, but cleaning it could be a mammoth task as it is time-consuming andcarpet cleaning tips requires lots of manpower. Dirty carpets make a house look unhygienic and could also embarrass you in front of your friends and guests.

Luckily these days there are devices and appliance which can be used to clean the carpet at home without putting them into a washing machine. The carpet cleaning devices are easily available in the market. They come in different types and range. No matter what kind of carpet cleaner you have at home, a simple trick can help you get rid of the dirt from carpets in a few minutes.  

Your carpet may get dirty with juice stains spills or mud tracks from the shoes of your guests. You can’t be rude and tell your guests to remove dirt from their shoes before they come and visit you. In short, you will always be left with dirty carpet. But, you can easily get rid of the dirty carpets with the following tips.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

  1. Spills Come First: The best way to clean a carpet is to avoid getting any stain on it. A spill left unattended can turn into an ugly looking stain. Immediately place some sheet of kitchen roll on the spill to soak the liquid. Do not try and rub the liquid on the carpet as it will push the spill to another area of the carpet.
  2. Vacuum The Debris: Remove any debris from the carpet before you plan to wash it. Vacuuming would make the washing job easy for you.
  3. Carpet Cleaning Solutions: You might have heard of carpet cleaning solutions that work on all types of carpet. The ‘one size fits all’ solutions can damage your carpet. Test the solution on the corner of the carpet to check if it will work for you.
  4. Parallel Strokes: Parallel strokes with a little overlapping will ease up your job. The parallel strokes clean the carpet evenly.
  5. Corners Count: Corners of the carpet carry the maximum dirt as we wipe the carpet the dirt gets accumulated in the corners. Dirt left on the corners make the carpet look extremely dirty. Don’t forget to clean the corners of the carpet.

The most important tip to carpet cleaning is regular cleaning. Don’t let dirt, mud or spill stay long on your carpet. Wipe off any dirt and soak up any spill before they turn into a nasty stain.

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